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1180 WHAM - WHAM is Rochester, NY's largest radio station. The format is news and talk radio. Also available streaming online.

COPS - Bad boys bad boys, what ya gonna do when they come for you. I love this show.

Duckman Information File - Do you remember Duckman? It used to be on USA and featured Jason Alexander as a detective duck with very poor moral standing. It was crude and hillarious.

Kim Komando - Kim Komando's radio show discusses computer issues with users. Heard nationally on radio stations almost everywhere.

Mythbusters Fan Club - You should knew what a fan club is. If you don't know what Mythbusters is, you probably haven't spent much time wathching the Discovery Chanel. Mythbusters takes urban legends and myths and puts them to the test to see if they really are true or not.

New Voyages - These are the voyages of the Star Trek New Voyages. It is a fan site dedicated to fan fiction based on Gene Rodenbery's Star Trek.

NPR: Car Talk - National Public Radio has had Car Talk on it for as long as I can remember. Click and Clack take calls from the public and answer car questions. This show is a riot.

Snowblood Apple - This site is dedicated to Asian extreme cinema. Please be warned - these pages contain many images and may take a little time to load if you're on a slow connection.

Trek Nation - One of the larger sites dedicated to Star Trek news, information and gossip.