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80's Tees - Great T's for the kid in us all.

American Telephone Headquarters - This company provides phone equipment to corporate and residential users.

Argo Cycles - "Argo Cycles & Auto is the largest salvage motorcycle & vehicle dealer in America. Our inventory consists of late model street bikes and cruisers, as well as various sport cars, SUVs, specialty cars, and more. If you don't see what you are looking for here, please give us a call or just stop by. Our outside and indoor showrooms are packed with deals, and are completely open to the public!

Betty Hoops - Makers of fine Hula-Hoops.

BeWild - Over 15,000 of your favorite party clothes items on one site at BeWild.Com. Clothing brands such as UFO pants, Heelys Shoes, T-Shirts, Happy Bunny, Hustler, Playboy, Kikwear, Caffeine, Tribal, Madsoul, and Pony. Pro Skateboards and Body Jewelry too!

Cubes - The Cubes are everywhere. They contain miniature office workers and cubes. Collect them all and have your own little cube farm.

Daryl Cagel's Professional Cartoonist Index - A directory of several professional cartoonists.

Dealnews - Dealnews has great deals for us geeks. Check out the basement for some really great deals on products.

Deez Teez - Humorous Tee Shirts. Mention offer code USWEEKLY gives you 20% off.

Jinx - Jinx has gamer shirts, sweats, stickers and other swag.

Koenigsegg - I would lease out my own right testicle for this car. 806hp!

KV Connection - HDMI cables DVI cables USB cables Audio Cables xlr cables Firewire cables Coaxial connectors, Adapters, Gender Changers. Including the hard to find (elsewhere) TRRS to 2 TRS adapter for smart phones such as BlackBerry, Android and iPhone.

MacSense - Macsense, Xsense, Manufacturer of Ethernet and Internet Solutions, Hubs, Switches, DSL Cable Routers, Mac/PC/Playstation Game Controllers, Transceivers, USB Peripherals and More...

Power Notbooks -™ custom builds and services top quality Sager laptops and notebooks and PowerPro laptops and notebooks. We specialize in custom built laptops, custom gaming laptops, and powerful yet cheap custom laptop computers. Design custom built, cheap gaming laptops and gaming notebooks - for less!

Pricewatch - Pricewatch is one of the best sites on the internet to find the lowest prices for your computer parts and supplies. Just enter what you want in the search and Pricewatch will give you the lowest prices out there. It is a lot like froogle except it only has computer items.

SilenX - These folks have the quietest PC parts and cooling accessories. Everything from whisper fans to power supplies with no moving parts!

Skirmish - Skirmish has been voted the #1 best paintball game in the nation. 50 + fields and well over 700 acres of terrain.

Technology Associates - The makers of many fine LED light products including the two EternaLites I own. Plus some kits including one for a gauss gun made in a disposable camera.

Tiny Deal - Super cheap stuff from China.

Who Would Buy That - Bunch of wierd ass eBay crap.