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Albino Black Sheep - Shocking shock o­n a webby web page dealie. It contains both articles and animation.

Atom Films - Cut-throat animation on the edgy side. I am partial to Angry Kid myself

BillyBlob - This is as collection of the Billy Blob flash movies and videos.

Billy D Washington - A humorous comedian.

Booble - You know Google right? (If you answered no, you are a moron) You know boobs right? This is the google of boobs. Booble is the ultimate adult search engine.

Bukkake - I Like Bukkake by Anim by Rob Manuel. Song by DogHorse.

Burning Pixel - The folks behind that dancing baby animation that was so popular for who knows what reason several years ago.

Camp Chaos - Strange Videos. They make them so I don't have to.

Christopher Johnson - Christopher Johnson's website is a total slacker's dream...or I am exadgerating.

Cleo Cam, The - Webcam for Cleo the dog.

Coop Stuff - Coopstuff is an art site, featuring the art of COOP. All of the pages following this one are designed with adults in mind. Content is not photographic but may include depictions of nudity, sexual activity, and other activities of erotic interest.

Daily Foo - This site contains many humorous videos, sounds, pictures and stories. This is all from the old wiredvideo site.

Earth Cam - Earthcam is a webcam network.

Ebonics Page - Da ebonics page is dedicated to that thing that somehow became a language in California...officialy and rediculously.

Hello this is bitter films - Don Hectzfeldt created Rejected, Genre, Billy's Balloon and many more unusual animated films.

Homestar Runner - Everybody! Everybody! Everybody! Everybody! Everybody! Everybody! Marsipan and Strong Bad are here and they are awesome.

Ill Will Press - iLL WIll Press. The Place Where Foamy The Squirrel Runs Free!!! Neurotically YOurs, 4y-Records , Ollie & Germ, and more all done by Jonathan Ian Mathers.

Joe Cartoon - Home of such classics as Frog in a Blender and Superfly.

Live Leak - Video vault

Muffin Films - They are films with muffins.

New ABC's, The - Illiterate adults should be inspired by this version of a classic song.

Prelinger Archives - Where do films go when they are dead? That's right, Prelinger's Archives, now held by the library of congress.

Santoalt - Funny videos, games and pictures.

sase and Topsie - 30-Second Bunnies Theatre

Slackertown - Drunk? Wanna dial a number and make a complete ass of yourself? Well if that is the case, you need to check out this site. Complete with drunk photos and MP3s of drunk dialers.

Snotr - Video vault

Something Awful - Entirely as the title states. Pug Butts.

South Park Studios - The official South Park Studios website. You'll find all things South Park, including all of the episodes available to be viewed online.

Stupid Game Show Answers - Sheesh, some people say stuid things on game shows. These answers to questions are hillarious.

Tabatha Kate Warner - Tabatha Warner, also known as Tabby, Arsenic, or Itsihoka. She draws because it is the only thing she really truly knows. She hope to make a career out of her artwork, and her headvoices inspire her. She keeps herself shrouded in intense mystery.

Teletubby Fun Land - Welcome to Telebubby Fun Land, back by popular demand and some legal council! This site is brought to you by Tom Fulp.

Touch Tone Terrorists - The Touchtone Terrorists are quite similar to the jerky boys except that they GET calls from people that think they are talking to large corporate customer service centers. They are rude and abusive to everyone that wants information about lost packages, bills and bought items and services.

Vlad Studio - Vladstudio is the project of Russian digital artist Vlad Gerasimov. In 1998 Vlad started to design user interfaces for web sites and software applications. However, when he had some free time, he created desktop wallpapers. Over the time, this hobby has grown into business, and today he enjoys full-time self-employment, creating wallpapers for your computers and mobile devices.

What To Rent - Tell them what movies you like and they will tell you what other movies you will like. This is a great movie recommendation site.