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11 Ways to Keep Your New Year's Resolution to Quit Smoking - This site has many tips and techniques that will help you stop smoking.

Absolutely Ridiculous English Spelling - Why does the English language have so many words that are difficult to spell? The main reason is that English has 1,100 different ways to spell its 44 separate sounds, more than any other language. Some of the results of this are here...

After Dawn - Site that offers DVD rippers, DivX and DVDR news, P2P tools, guides, software downloads and much more.

Animal X - Cryptozoology dealing with the unusual aspects of the weirdest debatable science to date.

Art Renewal Center, The - This is the world's largest online art gallery and it is expanding the collection of art on a regular basis.

ASDF - If you are stuck in the 20th century, and use a typewriter or computer, you probably have seen ASDF. What is ASDF? Click and find out.

Avenger's Front Page, The - Welcome to the Avenger's front page, a page dedicated to the creative minds who once dwelled in alt.revenge. This site was primary designed for everyone who have been victimized or wronged in any way. Here you will find revenge schemes, tactics, ideas, tips and guidance that would scare or pester most offenters into surrender. The ideas are quite funny and creative, and most people would therefore enjoy reading this even when they're not seeking to get even with someone.

Ban Dihydrogen Monoxide - When will the government finally ban this dangerous chemical?

Bianca: The Alternative Online Community - Welcome to bianca, the alternative online community. Come carouse and commune with the millions of lovely and lively folk who've stopped by bianca's neck of the internet. Choose from these merry Shacks, we're sure you'll find something interesting!

Bob Code - If you have heard of the geek code, then this page will make sense to you.

CanDoGo - CanDoGo is FREE exclusive expert advice from over 150 world-renowned authors, speakers and trainers delivered in video, text and audio format. Our expert advice is short, concise and helps you solve the issue at hand.

Carver, Thex - Here is something that will make you go out of your way to find curvy roads: the Carver One! You steer it like a car, but when cornering it banks like a motorcycle while you feel like you are flying a jetfighter. The thrill of this tilting capability combined with the handling of a sports car makes for an exhilarating driving experience unlike any other! This is a serious three wheel vehicle.

Cats...Friend or Food - Cats are friends but in certain times, they have become food along with dogs.

Chain Letters - Chain letters are illegal. Chain letters are a waste of time. Net sites which do not discourage electronic chain letters risk losing their net connections, as they have the potential for wasting great amounts of bandwidth and disk space.

Chakras - The word chakra is Sanskrit for wheel or disk and signifies one of seven basic energy centers in the body. Each of these centers correlates to major nerve ganglia branching forth from the spinal column. In addition the chakras also correlate to levels of consciousness, archetypal elements, developmental stages of life, colors, sounds, body functions, and much, much more.

Cheater Websites - Are Websites that Promote Infidelity and Cheating Wrong?

Church of the Subgenius - This is the world's true religion. No pinks allowed. For those that follow the path of Bob, you will receive passage on the vessels from planet X and be delivered from this planet by the sex godesses. Eternal salvation is worth it if there is a tripple your money back guarantee.

Climate History - During the last 2 billion years the Earth's climate has alternated between a frigid "Ice House", like today's world, and a steaming "Hot House", like the world of the dinosaurs.

Clumsy Crooks - An amusing site covering criminal activities and the stories that surround them.

Comparison of Mobile Carriers Device Usage Retention - The Computer Crime and Intellectual Property Section of the U.S. Department of Justice compiled a summary in August 2010 of the retention periods of major cellular service providers of data transmitted to and from users' mobile devices. The report is here. (PDF link) The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) obtained a copy of the foregoing report through a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request. The contents of the report are interesting, to say the least.

Competitive Enterprise Institute - Advancing Liberty, Public Policy Research, CEI

Conk Search Engine - This is a search engine and much more.

Cooking With Popinski - Popinski teaches you how to make a really awesome chocolate spaghetti!

Cool Quiz - Think you know everything? You don't. Check out cool quiz!

Dave Barry - Dave Barry has been at The Miami Herald since 1983. A Pulitzer Prize winner for commentary, he writes about issues ranging from the international economy to exploding toilets.

Definition of Life - What is the meaning of life? This site attempts to answer this question.

Digg - Digg is all about user powered content. Every article on digg is submitted and voted on by the digg community. Share, discover, bookmark, and promote the news that's important to you! Learn more...

Dolby Labs - Dolby Labs have created many phenominal audio technologies including surround sound and noise reduction.

Drudge Report, The - News and information. Sometimes information you wont find elsewhere.

Elements of Style - Grammar style is important. Maybe a review would be a grand idea?

English Proverbs and Proverb Humor - A compilation of proverbs.

Excavated Civil War sub is wonder -,1249,595103791,00.html Confederate weapon had sophisticated design, engineering.

Ezine Articles - Expert Authors & Writers are able to post their articles to be featured within the site. Our searchable database of hundreds of thousands of quality original articles allows email newsletter publishers hungry for fresh content to find articles that they can use for inclusion within their next newsletter.

Flying Dutchman - The most famous of the phantom vessels, supposedly seem in stormy weather off the Cape of Good Hope but now and then reported in other latitudes

Geek Code, The - So you think you are a geek, eh? The first step is to admit to yourself your geekiness. No matter what anyone says, geeks are people too; geeks have rights. So take a deep breath and announce to the world that you are a geek. Your courage will give you strength that will last you forever.

Ghandi and Racism - Here you will see Gandhi's racist views towards the blacks.

God's Debris - Get your free—no strings attached—e-book version of God’s Debris in pdf format. Enjoy it yourself or e-mail it to friends. The only restriction is that you enjoy it personally without any commercial use. Why is it Free? Frankly, this is the hardest book in the world to market. When it first came out in hardcover, booksellers couldn’t decide if it was fiction or nonfiction. Was it philosophy or religion? It’s a religion/science book written by a cartoonist, using hypnosis techniques in the writing. It’s a thought experiment. It’s unlike anything you’ve ever read. How do you sell something that can’t be explained?

Grammar Slammer Complete Contents - How many grammar rules do you know? Is it time for a refresher?

Health and Fitness - Men's Issues -'s-Issues Browse or subscribe to these articles from eZine Articles.

Helium - "At Helium, we’re attracting the best writers on the web. Every day, our writing members share their expertise on everything from gardening to starting a business."

Hoax Busters - The CIAC's Hoaxbusters tackle all those anoying hoaxes that are floating around the internet. Some classics that are still floating around are the Microsoft/AOL email beta testing and Good Times. These hoaxes cause damage to users and sometimes computers themselves because users belive them and sometimes even will follow the steps included in them and on top of this, they clog mail servers.

Home Page Hall of Fame - Personal pages are one of the most exciting things about the World Wide Web, because they allow people to show off their creativity and individuality. These pages are a totally novel communicative medium -- chances are that without the Internet I would never know about, let alone find out so much information about, the people whose pages are listed here.

How to Burn a DVD - Great information on how to author & burn a DVD using only freeware tools.

How To Do Things - "Welcome to the community! Since 2001, our site has brought together a collection of people and informative articles dedicated to solving life’s everyday problems. Our growing online library features advice from experts, knowledgeable…

How To Make A Telemarketer Cry (Suing Bozos for Fun and Profit) - This article describes how you may be entitled to damages if a Telemarketer does not follow the federal laws on their phone calls.

How to Read Postal Bar Codes - This article describes how to read a postal bar code in order to determine whether Microsoft Word created a correct postal bar code.

How To: RTFM - Many people do not know how to read the fucking manual. This is quite suprising because knowing how to RTFM could be the most valuable thing that you could have done to avoid a problem. It can also help you in the event you find yourself in a dilima.

How to Solve the Rubik's Cube - "So you have a Rubik's Cube, and you've played with it and stared at it and taken it apart...need I go on any further? The following are two complete, fool-proof solutions to solving the cube from absolutely any legal position. Credit goes not to me, but to David Singmaster, who wrote a book in 1980, Notes on Rubik's Magic Cube, which explains pretty much all of what you need to know, plus more. Singmaster wrote about all of these moves except the move for Step 2, which I discovered independently (along with many other people, no doubt)."

How we change the way others think - Welcome to, the largest site in the world on all aspects of how we change what others think, believe, feel and do. There are already over 2200 pages here, with much more to come!

I Don't Care About Air - The US government and the auto industry actively support the manufacture of SUVs that contribute to Americans' deteriorating health, US dependency on foreign oil, and the increased threat of global warming. All in the name of personal profit and corporate greed.

Inmate Population Information Search - Search information on prisoners in the New York State penal system.

Interesting Facts - People, technology, world, animal, insect, science, space and many other facts.

International Meteor Organization - The International Meteor Organization (IMO) was founded in 1988 and has more than 250 members now. IMO was created in response to an ever growing need for international cooperation of meteor amateur work. The collection of meteor observations by several methods from all around the world ensures the comprehensive study of meteor showers and their relation to comets and interplanetary dust.

Is the Moon moving away from the Earth? - The Moon's orbit (its circular path around the Earth) is indeed getting larger, at a rate of about 3.8 centimeters per year.

Japan Today - This is a great forum for people to discuss Japanese issues and topics.

Just Sell - The web's resource for sales leaders. Free tips, motivation, training and development by

Localisation Research Centre - The Localisation Research Centre (LRC) is the information, educational, and research centre for the localisation community.

Lycaeum - The Lycaeum features an entheogen information database, drug experience archive with over 700 reports, search engine which spiders several major drug information sites, psychedelic graphics, transcribed books, community, software, audio, hosted sites, and much more.

Mingle Mania Pickup Lines - Tons of pickup lines for guys and girls.

Monster List of Quit Smoking Links - If you want information on how to quit, this site is available.

Moon's Phase - Trapped in a deep hole in a large basement after being kidnapped and wondering what phase the moon is in? As long as you have a connection to the internet, you can find that out yourself. Or predict the future of what the moon's phase will be.

Most-linked-to local news sites in U.S. by type - The most-linked-to local news sites in U.S. by type

Naked News - The Naked News is an official news brodcast with a twist. All the newscasters are women (ok, there is a male edition) where all the newscasters undress while giving you all the stories that mean the most to you.

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's National Weather Service - National Weather Service Home page. The starting point for official government weather forecasts, warnings, meteorological products for forecasting the weather, and information about meteorology. NOAA NWS forecasts are pretty accurate as many services and lives depend on good data.

NATO Research & Technology Organisation - The NATO Research and Technology Organisation (RTO) promotes and conducts co-operative scientific research and exchange of technical information amongst 26 NATO nations and 38 NATO partners. The largest such collaborative body in the world, the RTO encompasses over 3000 scientists and engineers addressing the complete scope of defence technologies and operational domains. This effort is supported by an executive agency, the Research and Technology Agency (RTA), that facilitates the collaboration by organising a wide range of studies, workshops, symposia, and other forums in which researchers can meet and exchange knowledge.

Near-Earth Object Program - NASA tracks asteroids and other objects moving through space that pose a threat to the planet earth. This is the reason that the movies Deep Impact and Armageddon came out back in the 90's. The wanted to get a feel for the reaction we would have in the event we were in imminent danger of having the same fate as the dinosaurs.

Nerd World Media - Your source for Nerdly Culture, Life and Work Styles since 1995

New York State Liquor Authority - If you are in New York state and have questions about liquor, this is the site to get the answers.

No Sweat Apparel - I can't substantiate their claims, but apparently all of their clothes are 100% union made, at no point is a sweatshop involved expoiting the weak.

Notes on the Resolution and Other Details of the Human Eye - What is the resolution of the human eye, or eye plus brain combination in people? There seems to be a lot of different numbers quoted.

Nuclear Elephant - This website, for now, is an updated archive of Jonathan Zdziarsk's personal projects, papers, research and blogs.

Office of NYS Attorney General Eliot Spitzer - Office of New York State Attorney General Eliot Spitzer.

Official US Time - What time is it? Shows multiple time zones.

Order of Mass - This webpage is intended to help you become familiar with the "Order of Mass" used in the Roman Catholic Church. The texts and responses spoken by all the people are indicated in bold type below. Some of the greetings and prayers spoken by the presider (the priest or bishop) at each Mass are also included, in order to help you understand the structure and flow of the Mass more fully. The postures prescribed for Masses in the United States are indicated in small print (note: standing, sitting, or kneeling during certain parts of the Mass may be different in other countries).

Peep Research - As we plunge into the 21st century, it is time we take a closer look at the technological wonders we create. Here, we try to discover just a little bit more about the world around us through the miracles of science, technology, and preservatives. We hope you enjoy this educational tour as we work to characterize everybody's favorite Easter candy, the Marshmallow Peeps.

Peevish - English slang and colloquialisms used in the United Kingdom.

Phonetic - What is your phone number? What words are in your phone number? Find out here.

Physics of the Levitron - The key elements you need to master in order to successfully levitate the Levitron floating top are detailed.

Punishment and Prejudice: Racial Disparities in the War on Drugs - Since the mid 1980s, the United States has undertaken aggressive law enforcement strategies and criminal justice policies aimed at curtailing drug abuse. The costs and benefits of this national war on drugs are fiercely debated. What is not debatable, however, is its impact on black Americans. Ostensibly color blind, the war on drugs has been waged disproportionately against black Americans.

Quotable Quotes from Swami - Swami...very respectable...Swami, very quotable.

R101 Airships, The - Airships online houses the online archive of the Airship Heritage Trust. Inside you will find an extensive history relating to all of the British Airships from 1900 to the present day.

Real Clear Politics - Politics for political junkies. Commentary for the republican, democrat, conservative and libertarian. Get all your politics here at RealClear.">

Register, The - Biting the hand that feeds IT, The Register is a collection of continuously updated articles relating to IT and technology. It also features the BOFH column.

Ring Surf - RingSurf is a completely Free service that lets user quickly, easily, and reliably navigate thousands of related websites organized by areas of interest.

Salary Clock - Ever wonder how long you would have to work at your normal job to make exactly $20 so you could go to the atm? Neither have I but now you can. Salary Clock lets you do just that.

Save The Internet - Big phone and cable companies are trying to eliminate Net Neutrality, the principle that protects our ability go where we want and do what we choose online.

Seventeen or Bust - Seventeen or Bust is a distributed computing project to prove the Sierpinski Conjecture. When the project started, there were 17 candidate Sierpinski numbers left to challenge the conjecture; the project sets out to find a number n for each of these k values so that k.2n+1 is prime. If primes are found for all seventeen candidates, the theorem will be proven; if the conjecture is actually wrong, the search will go on forever, hence the name 'Seventeen or Bust'.

Shawcross - Killer in Western New York.

Silicon Graphics Refrigerator Project - The Silicon Graphics Refrigerator Project shows you how to take an old SGI machine and make a refrigerator. This is a sweet thing to do if you can get your hands on the machine.

Slickdeals - Find some really slick deals from all over the web. Rebates, discounts and refurbished and new.

Social Media: Preparedness 101: Zombie Apocalypse - There are all kinds of emergencies out there that we can prepare for. Take a zombie apocalypse for example. That’s right, I said z-o-m-b-i-e a-p-o-c-a-l-y-p-s-e. You may laugh now, but when it happens you’ll be happy you read this, and hey, maybe you’ll even learn a thing or two about how to prepare for a real emergency.

Southworth Award and Certificate Templates - "So much of effective management comes down to recognition. Being appreciated and noticed for effort, ability and achievement builds powerful bonds of loyalty that transcend monetary rewards. Recognition of your employees, vendors or students builds strong teams and the kind of spirit that can make the difference in the products and services you offer vs. your competitors or the attitude and behaviour of your students.

Standardized Human Eye - I got curious about the human eye's optical properties. This page stood out.

State Traffic and Speed Laws - This page contains a summary of and links to state laws related to speeding, and in particular excess speeding and reckless driving.

Stinking Badges - I thought I had a lot of free time but apparently someone has the time to track down uses of the expression "Stinking Badges"

Stop Clown Porn Now - Many people don't even know that there is such a thing as clown porn. Those that know it exists know that it must be stopped at all costs. Join the fight against clown porn.

Straight Dope, The - Home of Cecil Adams' weekly question and answer column.

Strategy Page - The StrategyPage is a comprehensive summary of military news and affairs, including battlefield reports, arms sales, weapon tests, space programs, espionage, terrorism, etc. We cover the inside data on how and why things happen.

Terrence McKenna's Timewave Zero - Terence McKenna (who died April 2000) was a professional mushroom researcher, among other things, and in the course of his long first-hand study he experienced a visionary inspiration for a fascinating piece of software called Timewave Zero.

The People's Cube - Correct opinions for progressive liberals

The Ultimates - Here you can search resources from all over the net like phone books, email directories, and trip planners. But this isn't just another list of links. The form for each resource is integrated into the site, and Javascript copies the information from one blank to another so you can use everything out there with a minimum of time and effort.

Third Nipple Statistics Page - The very start of living a happy life with your Triple-Nipple is knowing the facts. Understanding where you stand next to your fellow man will help you make the informed decisions you need to get the most from the hand that life deals you. The following facts were gathered through a series of surveys conducted on large samples of the population. Take heed!

Tom Hopkins - Tom Hopkins is an international sales guru. His recordings and books have helped me further my career and can help you improve your life and help people and companies reach their goals.

Traffic - What are the roads like right now?

Truth About Global Warming, The - Global warming has finally been explained: the Earth is getting hotter because the Sun is burning more brightly than at any time during the past 1,000 years, according to new research.

United States Code - This version is generated from the most recent official version made available by the US House of Representatives. For exact information about the currency of any particular title as it is published by the House.

Urban Dictionary - Urban Dictionary is a slang dictionary with your definitions. Define your world. - The US Government's official web portal. Start here, end up somewhere else...

USA Patriot Act - Your source for Patriot Act information.

U.S. Code collection: Systems security and integrity - A telecommunications carrier shall ensure that any interception of communications or access to call-identifying information effected within its switching premises can be activated only in accordance with a court order or other lawful authorization and with the affirmative intervention of an individual officer or employee of the carrier acting in accordance with regulations prescribed by the Commission.

Vmyths - Learn about com­puter virus myths, hoaxes, urban legends, hys­teria, and the impli­ca­tions if you be­lieve in them. You can also search a list of com­puter virus hoaxes & virus hys­teria from A to Z.

Was El Niño unaffected by the Little Ice Age ? - The second half of the XXth century was marked by particularly closely-spaced intense occurrences of El Niño. Researchers are studying the behaviour of El Niño during periods in the past when the climate was different from what it is now. A research team jointly involving IRD and the University of South Florida has made a surprising discovery. An extremely intense El Niño event in 1983 prompted an international surveillance programme, involving the deployment of moored or drift measurement buoys and observation satellites. This research effort is proving to be fruitful. The data obtained provide a key to understanding how the two components of the now-famous two-phase system El Niño Southern Oscillation (ENSO) -El Niño and its reverse counterpart La Niña- are generated.

Watts Up Meters - Feature and detail rich, these meters monitor your power usage. Save energy and reduce consumption.

Weather - Environment Canada - Canada's official source for weather information.

Weather Underground - A source for current, past and way in the future weather forecasts.

Winter Soldier - is dedicated to the American veterans of the Vietnam War, who served with courage and honor.

Wiring Technical Resources - From one outlet to a national project. The source for all things wired.

World PSTN Tone Database - Information about call progress tones internationally. Some folks call these ring backs.