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Are You a Yankee or a Rebel? - Take this test to see which one you are.

Art of Craig Mullins, The - The title says it all. It has to since I am not an art critic.

Blackwoods Camping - Word on the street is that the Blackwoods Camping grounds are superb.

Diemon Dave Ninja School - All you ever needed to know to become a ninja!

Goddamn Rock Solid Ghetto Shiznit Name Generator, The - Identify yourself.

JavaScript Stardate Converter - The famous Roddenberry calendar known as the star date in Star Trek.

Patton Oswalt - This is the official website for Comedian Patton Olwalt.

People's Choice Podcast Awardees - The 2007 People's Choice Podcast winners. May include some information about non-winners.

Ramen Budget - Simplified.

Turist Omer in Star Trek - This Turkish version of Star Trek is a complete rip off of the original Star Trek series, only the main character in this is a lecherous drunk accompanied by an entire soundboard of wacky effects. Everything about this film is below Z-grade.

Web Economy Bullishit Generator - Instant bullshit.

Weebl and Bob - Weebl and Bob things...sort of...they love pie. MMmmmm pie.

Wimp - Yet another one of those sites with wacky video clips.

Zipper Fish - Seriously. Think about the name. You have the word "zipper" and "fish". What could they mean? Probably NSFW