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Occasionally, it becomes necessary to update a web page. Especially one that has existed since the late 1990's.

As a result, all the content here is being reworked.

None of the changes taking place will have an effect on any existing user accounts.

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I've been on the beach, that is why there are these unsorted links:

How I accidentally changed the way movies get made - How does Hollywood choose what stories get told on-screen? Too often, it's groupthink informed by a narrow set of ideas about what sells at the box office. As a producer, Franklin Leonard saw too many great screenplays never get made because they didn't fit the mold. So he started the Black List, an anonymous email that shared his favorite screenplays and asked: Why aren't we making these movies? Learn the origin story of some of your favorite films with this fascinating insider view of the movie business.

BatteryMart -

Most Reliable Clock Kit - HeathKit non-crystal clock, very accurate without sync due to 60hz powerline sync.

PAC Parts -

What is languishing? -

MattFEST - Music Festival

Catskill Mountain Jubilee -

Why Do Humans Have An Innate Desire To Get High -

Fog Revealed: A Guided Tour of How Cops Can Browse Your Location Data -

Against the Logic of the Guillotine -

Two Senators per State: A Recipe for Minority Domination -

How to Disable Ad ID Tracking on iOS and Android, and Why You Should Do It Now -

Prevalence of white supremacists in law enforcement demands drastic change -

Simple Sabotage Field Manual -

Woot -

Man Sentenced to Five Years in Prison for Visiting a Barbershop Too Often: Lacking Proof, Court Relies on Algorithm to Assume Scope of Crime - Despite a lack of direct evidence that a suspect was engaged in ongoing illegal activities, a court sentenced the man to five years in prison based in part on the frequency of his visits to a barbershop where drugs were being sold.

Troubleshoot Synapse Studio connectivity with PowerShell - Azure Synapse Studio depends on a set of Web API endpoints to work properly. This guide will help you identify causes of connectivity issues when you're configuring your local network (such as network behind a corporate firewall) for accessing Azure Synapse Studio, or experiencing connectivity issues using Azure Synapse Studio.

Capture Web Browser Trace -

Superhero Supplies - I miss ThinkGeek, this would have been a great subcategory

Framework Laptops - High performance meets ultimate customization in a laptop.

Ambari uninstall problems - Effective steps to remove remnants of an HDP install from a node/host. Might work for HDF too

Awesome Prometheus Alerts - specifically

Atlantis - Terraform pull request automation

Tutorial: Build a highly available application with Blob storage - This tutorial is part one of a series. In it, you learn how to make your application data highly available in Azure.

Linux FU: Globs vs Regexp - I once asked a software developer at work how many times we called fork() in our code. I’ll admit, it was a very large project, but I expected the answer to be — at most — two digits. The developer came back and read off some number from a piece of paper that was in the millions. I told them there was no way we had millions of calls to fork() and, of course, we didn’t. The problem was the developer wasn’t clear on the difference between a regular expression and a glob.

Use geo-redundancy to design highly available applications - A common feature of cloud-based infrastructures like Azure Storage is that they provide a highly available and durable platform for hosting data and applications. Developers of cloud-based applications must consider carefully how to leverage this platform to maximize those advantages for their users. Azure Storage offers geo-redundant storage to ensure high availability even in the event of a regional outage. Storage accounts configured for geo-redundant replication are synchronously replicated in the primary region, and then asynchronously replicated to a secondary region that is hundreds of miles away.

Azure Storage account failover - If the primary endpoint for your geo-redundant storage account becomes unavailable for any reason, you can initiate an account failover. An account failover updates the secondary endpoint to become the primary endpoint for your storage account. Once the failover is complete, clients can begin writing to the new primary region. Forced failover enables you to maintain high availability for your applications.

Recommended abbreviations for Azure resource types - Azure workloads are typically composed of multiple resources and services. Including a naming component in your resource names that represents the type of the Azure resource makes it easier to visually recognize application or service components.

Chef's two pass model - A common source of bugs in Chef code for new and experienced users alike is Chef’s two-pass (or two-phase) execution model. I would like to provide a quick overview of this system and how it can impact your code.

One Way Trust - MIT KDC to Active Directory - From cloudera for HDP, and HDF

Terraform Registry - Discover Terraform providers that power all of Terraform’s resource types, or find modules for quickly deploying common infrastructure configurations.

Terraform: References to Named Values - Terraform makes several kinds of named values available. Each of these names is an expression that references the associated value; you can use them as standalone expressions, or combine them with other expressions to compute new values.

Using APIs to delete a service or all host components on a host managed by Ambari -

Remove clients from worker nodes -

Azure Data Factory Pipeline Email Notification – Part 1 -

Azure Data Factory Pipeline Email Notification – Part 2 -

Azure Synapse Analytics RBAC roles are now Generally Available -

Nicholas Soukoff Synapse Learning Collection -

Julia Programming Language - Julia was designed from the beginning for high performance. Julia programs compile to efficient native code for multiple platforms via LLVM.

Script to find the long running hadoop jobs - Being a hadoop admin, one of your roles are to track long running hadoop jobs and take appropriate action on it. If it’s a small cluster and only 4 or 5 jobs are running most of the time, then you can monitor it in the resource manager UI. But if the cluster is huge and 100+ jobs are running, you can’t manually check the run time of each job to figure the long running one as it’s counter productive. Also when you have multiple clusters, checking the long running jobs become more tedious one.

Coyote Vest - Pet body armor. Kinda pointy but keeps the dog safe.

Ozark Folklore - The John Quincy Wolf folklore collection

LiveSETS - Listen to live performance from DJs around the globe or explore recorded performances and browse played tracks.

JAW4 Weather - Weather page for JAW4

Canva - A web based graphic design application

sshdo - sshdo provides an easily configurable way of controlling which commands may be executed via incoming ssh connections.

How Uber, Facebook, and Netflix Do SSH -

BACC - Flight and travel deals to and from Brazil.

How NOT to Store Passwords - How not to store passwords, for developers.

Gettin sticky with it - Setting SUID GUID and sticky bit, explained.

How to Leave a Program Running After You Logoff - Covers nohup, job control, and screen.

How to check if a host needs a reboot -

Load Balancing Data Across a NiFi Cluster -

Hbase Namespace Commands and Examples -

Hive Schema Tool -

Zebra vs Horses: Animal Domestication - Zebra vs Horses

Kernel patching with kexec: updating a CentOS 7 kernel without a full reboot -

Beats - Lightweight shippers for Elasticsearch & Logstash

Presidio - Here’s a PII anonymizer from Microsoft written in Go.

Neo4J - Graph Database

Cloud Native Computing Foundation - he Cloud Native Computing Foundation builds sustainable ecosystems and fosters a community around a constellation of high-quality projects that orchestrate containers as part of a microservices architecture.

Tallan Events - Technology events run by Tallan in partnership with Microsoft

OpenBGPD - BGP daemon for OpenBSD

Xcode10 - IDE for apple products

Brackets IDE - A modern, open source text editor that understands web design.

Jet Brains IDEs - Free and paid versions of IDE for multiple languages.

Atom IDE - A free and open source IDE

Visual Studio Code IDE - Microsoft's free and open source IDE

Sublime Text IDE - Free to evaluate this IDE.

The ATS Programming Language - ATS is a statically typed programming language that unifies implementation with formal specification. It is equipped with a highly expressive type system rooted in the framework Applied Type System, which gives the language its name. In particular, both dependent types and linear types are available in ATS.

Tutorialspoint - They call themselves "the best resource for online education." Topics include computer science, web development, programming, mobile app development, database, Microsoft, big data and analytics.

Terraform - Write, Plan, and Create Infrastructure as Code

The Rootkit Hunter Project -

Yum and RPM Tricks -

Preparing Linux Template VMs -

werc - Werc is a minimalist web anti-framework built following the Unix and Plan 9 tool philosophy of software design.

Customizing your Logon with /etc/issue -

The Jupyter Notebook (Formerly known as the IPython Notebook) - The IPython Notebook is now known as the Jupyter Notebook. It is an interactive computational environment, in which you can combine code execution, rich text, mathematics, plots and rich media. For more details on the Jupyter Notebook, please see the Jupyter website.

Packer - Packer is an open source tool for creating identical machine images for multiple platforms from a single source configuration. Packer is lightweight, runs on every major operating system, and is highly performant, creating machine images for multiple platforms in parallel. Packer does not replace configuration management like Chef or Puppet. In fact, when building images, Packer is able to use tools like Chef or Puppet to install software onto the image.

Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) and Bootstrap Protocol (BOOTP) Parameters -

How to specify timezones with DHCP -

Timezone Options for DHCP -

Adding or changing time zone settings - TZ String definitions located here. - Finds bugs in your shell scripts

Python lint (syntax check) online -

LeetCode - LeetCode is the best platform to help you enhance your skills, expand your knowledge and prepare for technical interviews.

FlackBox - IT Training from Neil Anderson. Includes SAN, NAS, NetAp, Cloud, CCNA, and others.

REST API Using bash automation -

SSH Config File -

Pro Git - The entire Pro Git book, written by Scott Chacon and Ben Straub and published by Apress, is available here. All content is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution Non Commercial Share Alike 3.0 license. Print versions of the book are available on

Do Linux distributions still matter with containers? - There are two major trends in container builds: using a base image and building from scratch. Each has engineering tradeoffs.

dstat: Versative Resource Statistics Tool - Dstat is a versatile replacement for vmstat, iostat, netstat and ifstat. Dstat overcomes some of their limitations and adds some extra features, more counters and flexibility. Dstat is handy for monitoring systems during performance tuning tests, benchmarks or troubleshooting.

How to use inotify-tools to trigger scripts on filesystem events -

Helm - Helm helps you manage Kubernetes applications — Helm Charts help you define, install, and upgrade even the most complex Kubernetes application.

Kenwood National Service Centers -

inotifywait - inotifywait efficiently waits for changes to files using Linux's inotify(7) interface. It is suitable for waiting for changes to files from shell scripts. It can either exit once an event occurs, or continually execute and output events as they occur.

Jeremy Stretch's PacketLife - Jeremy Stretch is a network engineer living in the Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina area. He is known for his blog and cheat sheets here at Packet Life.

NetBox - NetBox is an open source web application designed to help manage and document computer networks. Initially conceived by the network engineering team at DigitalOcean, NetBox was developed specifically to address the needs of network and infrastructure engineers.

Chocolatey - The sane way to manage software on Windows

White House Custom Color - Printing for professional photographers and artists.

The Tragic Story of How Einstein’s Brain Was Stolen and Wasn’t Even Special - -

Git --fast-version-control -

Linguistica360 - Formerly the news in slow

How to Monitor Client Roaming via Syslog, commandline and Airwave (airheads) -

Cameras Capture Unsettling Uptick in Canada's Meat-Eating "Cannibal Hares" -

The Singer Brand History -

How code testing can do more harm than good -

Postman - API tool

Professor Messer - CompTIA LX0-101 Linux+ and LPIC-1 Training Videos, appears to be a work in progress.

GitHub: textsfm -

TextSFM - Parse CLI outputs with TextFSM

Icinga2 Documentation: API -

GitHub: Network Automation -

Paramiko - Paramiko is a Python (2.7, 3.4+) implementation of the SSHv2 protocol [1], providing both client and server functionality. While it leverages a Python C extension for low level cryptography (Cryptography), Paramiko itself is a pure Python interface around SSH networking concepts.

A novel approach to gait synchronization and transition for reconfigurable walking platforms -

makemap - Create maps for sendmail


TextFSM - and could replace expect within python

Wilmington MA Weather Dave's page

446 Shop Radio gear at pretty good prices

Krebs on Security -

BitFinex The world's leading cryptocurrency trading platform.

Forecast Precipitation Type and Accumulations: Snow/Rain?freezing Rain/Sleet

Introduction to SAN and NAS Storage - This course will give you the knowledge you need to understand and work with SAN and NAS storage. You'll learn the theory of the SMB, CIFS, NFS, Fibre Channel, iSCSI, FCoE and NVMeOF protocols, and see how to configure the storage system and connect from the client with hands-on lab demonstrations.

The Beauty of Data Visualization - A TED talk by David McCandless

NOC NOC Jokes -

How A Timber Framed Windmill Works -

Why is this program erroneously rejected by three C++ compilers? -!!! -

One Man's Journey to Become His Own ISP - America is a BIG country. There are pockets all across the land where broadband Internet is slow-to-nonexistent, and many individuals are left with wireless cell service as their only means of internet connection. This is the situation [Brandt Kuykendall] found himself in upon moving his family to Dillon Beach, CA. So he started up his own fiber ISP.

The Zen of Python - Long time Pythoneer Tim Peters succinctly channels the BDFL's guiding principles for Python's design into 20 aphorisms, only 19 of which have been written down.

Redis - Redis is an open source (BSD licensed), in-memory data structure store, used as a database, cache and message broker. It supports data structures such as strings, hashes, lists, sets, sorted sets with range queries, bitmaps, hyperloglogs and geospatial indexes with radius queries. Redis has built-in replication, Lua scripting, LRU eviction, transactions and different levels of on-disk persistence, and provides high availability via Redis Sentinel and automatic partitioning with Redis Cluster.

AMD Ryzen - The latest and greatest CPU from AMD is breathing down Intel's neck.

Breaking Full Disk Encryption from a Memory Dump - How does one go from being root on the host to gaining access to data in a Virtual Machine running with full disk encryption. This is the exact question that arose from an internal discussion we had at Appsecco to which we wanted answers.

Simple log file processing in Python - The other day I found myself in the unfortunate position of needing to scan through raw server logs to try and gather some information around a rare issue. Opening these log files in a text editor and doing a quick text search wasn't a great option: the log files had millions of log lines, were 500MB+ in size, and the text editors just gave up trying to search, multi-select, and extract the lines I needed.

Hacker Finds Hidden 'God Mode' on Old x86 CPUs -,37582.html Some x86 CPUs have hidden backdoors that let you seize root by sending a command to an undocumented RISC core that manages the main CPU, security researcher Christopher Domas told the Black Hat conference.

Terminus: A Linux CLI Game -

Visible Planet Guide -

Richard Stallman's Personal Site - This is the personal web site of Richard Stallman.

DX Zone -

Brown Paper Tickets -

Floyd Log Jam -

Fractal Tribe -

The Intercept - The Intercept is an online news publication dedicated to what it describes as "adversarial journalism". It is supported financially by First Look Media Works. Its editors are Betsy Reed, Glenn Greenwald, and Jeremy Scahill. Former editor Laura Poitras left the publication to work on non-fiction films. - Supporting new research to investigate the misinformation ecosystem across Europe based on the technological Infrastructure of 'fake news' sites.

Hillsdale College National Leadership Seminar/ - Hillsdale College National Leadership Seminars - -

Gun Violence Archive Mass Shooting Tracker -

Moe Archive -

Windows 10 Decrapifier -

Krebs On Security -

9tut - 9 Tut is a Cisco networking treasure chest of information.

How do I upgrade a Cisco Catalyst 2960G using the Image .Tar file after tftp copy to flash -

Cisco Configuration Professional -

Linux Network Administrator's Guide - -

Fanboys - There are only seven coordinating conjunctions in the English language, and they are easily remembered by the acronym FANBOYS

iReasoning Networks - iReasoning Networks produces some pretty nifty SNMP tools. - Setup and avoid honeypots. HoneyD - A honeypot daemon.

Honey Net Project - Analyzing the behaviors of hackers. -

Manually Throttle the Bandwidth of a Linux Network Interface - In complex service oriented application stacks, some bugs only manifest themselves on congested or slow networking interfaces. Consider a web-service running on a generic Linux box with a single networking interface, eth0. If eth0 is busy enough to completely saturate its networking link, a web-service running on the host behind that link may experience odd behavior when things “slowdown”. -

The DJ List - 517,993 DJs on The DJ List.

Nagios - "Whether you’re monitoring your media server at home or 10,000 services around the globe, Nagios is the solution for all of your monitoring needs."

Zabbix - The Enterprise-class Monitoring Solution for Everyone, go beyond Nagios - -

Multiplicity - Control many computers with one keyboard.

Synergy Project - Control many computers with one keyboard.

Logstash - Logstash is a flexible, open source, data collection, enrichment, and transport pipeline designed to efficiently process a growing list of log, event, and unstructured data sources for distribution into a variety of outputs, including Elasticsearch.

Process Explorer - View details about windows processes. Plenty more detail compared to Task Manager.

Valgrind - Valgrind is an instrumentation framework for building dynamic analysis tools. There are Valgrind tools that can automatically detect many memory management and threading bugs, and profile your programs in detail. You can also use Valgrind to build new tools. -

Redshift - Jon Lund's Redshift can adjust your monitor color temperature to reduce eye strain based on time and location.

The GNU Privacy Handbook - GnuPG is a tool for secure communication. (aka; pgp, gpg) -

BGInfo - Display system information as wallpaper in windows.

How To Geek - An online tech magazine, dedicated to providing interesting articles, how-tos, and even fun trivia to our audience of geeky — and not-so-geeky readers. We’ve tried really hard to make sure that our content is understandable for regular people, but geeky enough that the more technical readers would find it interesting as well.

Glenn's Eclectic Freeware - Maker of Desktop Info (similar to BGInfo) and Desktop Calendar among other handy tools. - - - - -

Nmap - A network security scanning tool. - I know I swear a lot t-shirt.

Kodi TV - Open Source Home Theater System, also see and - - - - - - - - - -

NixCraft - - -

Sandboxie - Sandbox for Windows applications

Tresorit - - -

Ninite - - - - -

Who Crashed - Dump help for windows

sending email via PHP - - Email is the most popular Internet service today. A plenty of emails are sent and delivered each day. The goal of this tutorial is to demonstrate how to generate and send emails in PHP.

Bitchecker the Idiot -

Change RDP Port Number -

Hotkey Commander - Ultimate Hotkey Managing and Overriding Utility - Hotkey Commander (Abbreviation HC) is a powerful hotkey managing and overriding tool for Windows®. If you are a frequent hotkey user, you may found that while hotkeys bring much convenience and advantages, they act rudely and annoyingly sometimes. Hotkeys are usually defined or registered by individual applications. Some moral applications would allow users to redefine their hotkey combination so that they don't conflict with other hotkeys. Some "evil" applications won't at all. No matter what more and more hotkeys may become chaos and make you confused at last. Even if you don't use hotkeys at all, you may want to disable or override hotkeys occasionally so as not to be interrputed by their default actions. Imagine when you are shooting bullets with your enemies in some game and unfortunately hit the <Win> key accidently and then being forced to the Windows desktop. Well, by Hotkey Commander you can easily explore and manage all the hotkeys in your system. With a lot of great features including:

How to remove an item from the Open With menu -

How to use the DedicatedDumpFile registry value to overcome space limitations on the system drive - "How to use the DedicatedDumpFile registry value to overcome space limitations on the system drive when capturing a system memory dump. - " - - " - - - - - - - God Mode? More like a better control panel for Windows 7. Name a folder "GodMode.{ED7BA470-8E54-465E-825C-99712043E01C}" or read the article. I suggesst reading before trying this. - " - - - - - - - - - - " - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Police Equipment - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Chicken Little Opera - - - - - - - - - http:// - - - - -

New Mail Notification for an Additional Mailbox - This morning I responded to a tweet from Tom Blackman (@itimlalake) asking how to set up a new mail notification for an additional mailbox in Outlook 2007. An additional mailbox in this context is a second mailbox on an Exchange server. Unfortunately, until 2010 Outlook did not support multiple mailboxes. While you could open and view additional mailboxes Outlook did not treat them as it does the primary mailbox. As a result things like new message notification and rules aren’t available for the additional mailboxes. Fortunately, there is a workaround.

Out of memory while mounting windows CIFS in linux - Prior to Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008 we had to keep a large page file on the system drive (typically drive C:) in order to properly capture system memory dumps for troubleshooting. This presented problems as systems with very large amounts of RAM became more common, resulting in requirements for very large amounts of free space on the C: drive, or requiring that system visible memory be artificially limited for troubleshooting purposes. This is no longer a requirement thanks to the Dedicated Dump File feature, which is available for use in Windows Vista and later operating systems."

RRDtool - RRDtool is the OpenSource industry standard, high performance data logging and graphing system for time series data. RRDtool can be easily integrated in shell scripts, perl, python, ruby, lua or tcl applications. -

top-10-telephone-tricks - - - - -